Patient Journey

Journey to Better Health!

Journey to Recovery for Total Knee Replacement, Heart Surgery and many others...

  • Step 1

    Clinical team and the patient decide on the Surgery Date.

    App Home Screen
  • Step 2

    Template CarePlan assigned to Patient by the clinical staff using DocToDoor Portal.

    App Custom branded screen
  • Step 3

    Patient receives text and email to download and access the App.

    App shown on Apple App Store
  • Step 4

    Pre-Op and Day of Surgery CarePlan sends automated instructions to the patient such as Do’s & Don’ts, stop blood thinners, start pre-op exercises, health assessment questions etc.

    Appointment booking screens from app or Hospital website
  • Step 5 (optional)

    After Op, patients are provided custom-branded smart watch to monitor their wellness goals.

    Video Conference Consultation via App
  • Step 6

    Automated Goals, Exercises, Reporting Measures and Symptom trackers assigned as part of CarePlan.

    Doctor Dashboard and App
  • Step 7:

    Keep Patients engaged and motivated through automated text/SMS, email, push notifications: Helping them to complete their daily wellness goal.

    Doctor Dashboard and App
  • Step 8:

    Monitor and Manage Manage patients with the mobility of Clinician App and securely Chat (optional) with them building trust and assurance.

    Doctor Dashboard and App
  • Step 9:

    Timely intervention and guided recovery to help patients achieve recovery and health & wellness goals. Patients can subscribe to long-term wellness and disease monitoring plans for care spanning the complete continuum.

    Doctor Dashboard and App