Onboarding to DocToDoor

Welcome Aboard!

Having your own Telemedicine and Patient Engagement & Management solution is easy. We have redefined how you can do Remote Video consultations, Post-op/consultation automated followup and Manage Patients with Chronic Diseases. Its quite easy...

  • Step 1: Customize

    Your app will be customized per your Hospital/Practice's brand.

    App Home Screen
  • Step 2: Approve

    Our team will execute the customization and obtain your approval.

    App Custom branded screen
  • Step 3: Deploy

    Once your app is customized, we will upload it to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with your preferred App Name.

    App shown on Apple App Store
    Google Play Store logo
    Apple Play Store logo
  • Step 4: Train

    Our team will guide you and your staff to setup the essentials in the Doctor Portal and Patient/Doctor app. We will help you understand and setup CarePlans - care protocols with Health Q&A, Exercises,Vitals, Diet Recommendations.

    Appointment booking screens from app or Hospital website
  • Step 5: Launch

    Your app is ready for patients to download and use. Patients can book appointments and have live telemedicine visits right from the app. Follow-up the televisit by assigning educational and guidance content.

    Video Conference Consultation via App
  • Step 6: Grow and Succeed

    Our team will constantly help you with reviewing the metrics, help with any custom requirements, and maintain & update the app regularly.

    Doctor Dashboard and App