October 4, 2017 by Yash Mehta

Simplifying Care and Reducing Physician Workload

Managing your patients, responding to their questions and concerns, helping them consistently improve their health, and keeping up with your EMR – not an easy feat for an already overworked clinician. Ensuring the success and wellbeing of your patients need not be a complicated process. Televisits via video provide a means to quicker and convenient care but how will you really know the condition of the patient on daily or weekly basis? Will you call them? Will you have your patients use a patient portal? How about all of the above and more?

One of the greatest complication in healthcare is the disparate set of technologies being provided to clinicians and patients alike without a clear way to utilize them. Clinicians are using multiple user-heavy tools to keep up with their patients. Patients are provided solutions without clear guidance or purpose as to how to use them – it isn’t simply enough to put in your health/vitals information. There has to be a meaningful story and purpose behind. Couple the purpose with ease of use and you have a solution meeting the needs and wants of Clinicians and Patients alike.

What do we mean by that? Quite simply that Clinicians want an easy to use tool that can enable them to manage and monitor their patients whilst patients want means to understand how to keep up with their health and improve it. In other words, Clinicians want a powerful tool that does not increase their workload, rather reduce it; patients want the guidance to better their health. This is a challenge for healthcare and the digital health industry where Providers are inundated with myriad of technologies that only complicate matters.

Resolving this conundrum has been our primary focus –  We believe better care and patient management can be achieved by providing tools that are centered around the Clinician and the Patient.

We have built an immersive tool that enables you to develop and automate care for your patients throughout the care continuum:

Guide your patient by assigning diet plans and exercise routines 









Monitor their health by assigning symptoms tracker, vitals, and gaining feedbacks 




Build and motivate with Goals – vitals management within range, walking goals 

Screenshot_20171004-125809 Screenshot_20171004-125829


Follow Up with in-person or tele-visits via DocToDoor.

Providing care through the care continuum must encompass myriad of methods to ensure that your patient is educated, informed, motivated, and connected. But that doesn’t necessarily mean more workload for you!

Using human-centered design approach, we’ve kept working with Clinicians to get their feedback to build capabilities that minimize work. Build out a CarePlan once to Guide, Monitor, and Follow goals, after that assign to individual patients or populations. The CarePlan will work on it’s own providing you a complete picture of your patients, focus on patients that seem to be at the highest risk. By automating and intelligent processing, we provide you with critical information and alerts enabling you to focus on caring for your patient.

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About DocToDoor

DocToDoor is a custom branded Telehealth solution designed to empower physicians to manage care through the entire care continuum for post-visit, chronic care, and post-op recovery. We are empowering physicians with user-centric remote patient monitoring & engagement and telemedicine platform to manage and care for patients through the entire breadth of patient-provider relationship.