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June 27, 2016 by Yash Mehta

Revitalizing mHealth with doctodoor 2.0

Innovation in digital health has been our passion for many years. The culmination of our knowledge and experience resulted in doctodoor. We envisioned and created doctodoor as a platform for better patient engagement, greater accountability, and ease of use. However, seeing shortfalls in telemedicine and current mHealth platforms, we took doctodoor event further..

doctodoor 2.0 is what we had really envisioned as the solution for patient management, engagement, and monitoring. With doctodoor, we have combined telemedicine and remote patient monitoring into a single platform for seamless connection and communication between the patient and the clinician.

doctodoor 2.0 introduces great new features and elements:Manage Profile

  • Custom branded app for your organization
  • Patient onboarding from your website or the app
  • Advanced CarePlan to create and assign daily routines/regimens
    • Medication list/reminder
    • Vitals Management
    • Disease Management/Health Condition Assessment
    • Coaching /Exercise Material
    • Health & Wellness goals
    • Diet Recommendations
  • Appointment booking for video visits, phone consultations, or in-person visits
  • Fitness and Clinical Device Integration
  • And many other great features to reduce clinician’s workload and improve engagement

Goalsdoctodoor 2.0 engages patients from the onboarding process through the continuum of care.  With doctodoor 2.0, we have achieved what we set out for – Creating a clear picture of patient health, friendly UX for clinicians and patients, seamless integration & connection, and guiding patients through their care plan.

We are excited to be providing our clients a new solution to health organizations with meeting needs for today and tomorrow!Vitals


The doctodoor Team