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December 9, 2015 by Yash Mehta

DoctoDoor Integrates with Mana Health to Target Diverse Patient Groups


DocToDoor has been integrated with Mana Health, an NYC-based healthcare technology company, for reaching a larger and more diverse patient population by overcoming barriers to interoperability. Integration of doctodoor with Mana Health is made possible through ManaCloud Platform, a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud platform that unifies electronic medical records (EMRs) with patient-generated data and offers a developer-friendly Application Programming Interface (API) to support authorized access.

By combining DoctoDoor’s patient management and monitoring capabilities with ManaCloud, a seamless patient-centered experience is created leading to better outcome. Furthermore, data is directly transferred to Provider EHR enabling data-driven intervention and management of population health.

DoctoDoor is a dynamic remote monitoring platform developed by Plenar Tech for chronic care, post-op care, and general follow-up. The unique nature of doctodoor enables it to connect with any wearbles and wireless medical devices per demand as well as seamlessly integrate into the patients daily schedule for care management and communication with the healthcare Provider.


About Mana Health
Mana Health is a leading technology company that is transforming healthcare and accelerating the shift toward value-based care with its ManaCloudâ„¢ Platform and other technology solutions. Based in New York City, the Mana Health team includes experts from healthcare integration, real-time data systems, application development, and clinical applications. The ManaCloudâ„¢ Platform is a cloud-based, secure platform that integrates data from EHR’s with devices and patient generated data and supports the needs of a variety of healthcare applications through its standards-based API. Developers can sign up for access to ManaCloudâ„¢ at Mana Health’s website. Mana Health has been awarded contracts in New York and Texas and supports over 22 million patients.
To learn more about Mana Health, visit www.manahealth.com.

About DoctoDoor & Plenar Tech
Plenar Tech is a provider of software solutions for various industry verticals globally. Plenar Tech has extensive experience in eHealth sector providing diverse and cutting edge solutions for patient-centered and consumer-oriented mHealth applications. Plenar Tech as worked with leading eHealth solution providers to develop the right solution for the our client’s healthcare needs. Plenar Tech’s extensive experience in eHealth culminated in doctodoor, a dynamic remote patient monitoring platform. Doctodoor offers solution for managing patients suffering from wide range of chronic diseases, post-op management, and remote follow-up care. Doctodoor offers seamless connection with and management of patients with a suite of capabilities for consistent care, health & medication management, and two-way communication with the Provider. Currently, doctodoor is being deployed in healthcare systems in the EU, India, and U.S.
To learn more about Plenar Tech, visit www.plenartech.com.