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June 2, 2015 by Yash Mehta

doctodoor at the EU eHealth Week

Plenar Tech’s was very proud and thankful for an opportunity to participate in the EU SME eHealth Competition as part of the 2015 EU eHealth Week in Riga, Latvia. The eHealth Competition is an annual event open to eHealth and health tech companies in the EU to participate and showcase their innovative solution to tackle healthcare challenges.

This year, a 13 companies were selected as Finalists out of 112 applicants in two different categories based on company revenue – Champions and Promises. Plenar Tech was selected for its innovative remote patient monitoring platform, doctodoor. doctodoor is a mobile platform offering the patients ease and convenience of using smartphones or tablets to keep up with their recovery and communicate with the caregiver.

For doctors, doctodoor offers quick access to the patient status and data, track patient compliance, and communicate with the patient. These and other tools in doctodoor enable better patient management and overall increase patient satisfaction.

The Competition provided us with an opportunity to meet other great companies and learn more about their product and ideas. The eHealth Week is the premier health technology event in Europe sponsored by HIMSS Europe, the European Commission, government of host nation, and many other organizations. Next year, the 2016 eHealth Week will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

eHealth Week Organizers: