DocToDoor Features

Custom branded Virtual Clinic app

DocToDoor is focused to provide your organization with a practice and patient-centric solution. A fully-branded DocToDoor app enables you to provide service par excellence.

  • Easy On-boarding patients

    Custom Brand
  • Branding

    iPhone Branding
Appointment Booking

Multi-channel appointment booking and reminders

We are redefining how Clinician’s connect with Patients. Booking enabled for in-person, video, or phone appointments via DocToDoor. Appointment reminders & management to the patient to ensure they never miss their appointment!


Text to request staff to contact you to book appointment

Book Appointment

Request appointments for earliest availability and be notified via text

Book Appintment3

Confirm or cancel appointment via text

Book Appointment4

DocToDoor notifications and alerts for appointment reminders

Book Appointment1

Patient and Clinician mobile app

DocToDoor follows the philosophy of "Mobile first" and hence has enabled access to the platform for Patients as well as Clinicians. Thereby allowing quicker access to care and intervention.

  • Patient mobile app

    Patient mobile app
  • Clinician mobile app

    Clinician mobile app


DocToDoor is a completely multi-lingual platform. Patient and Clinician can modify the preferred language. A new language dictionary can be uploaded anytime to support any new local language!



Different Vital measurements are supported by DocToDoor - BP, Heart rate, Blood Oxygen, Weight, Blood Glucose, Body Temperature and more. 3rd party devices can also be connected to get Automatic measurements, OR you can purchase Smart Bluetooth Medical devices from us.

Connected devices

Allow the patient to use their own connected app or device to work with your custom branded app. Apple Health, Google Fit, Withings, Fitbit, UP and many more.

Connected devices

Health assessment Q&A

Track symptoms using real feedback from patients. Use this information in addition to Vital measurements and fitness data to diagnose a health condition.

Exercise Routines

Create and assign exercise or workout routines. Give complete guidance to the patient using RICH HTML UI and/or Videos

Exercise Routines

Health and Education content

Customized Educational content can be pushed to the app.

Diet plans

Nutrition is a very important part of patient management. Template or Personalized Diet plans can be assigned to Patients.


Health Goals

Different Health Goals can be assigned to patients to keep them on track for faster recovery and healthy body.

Reminders and Push notifications

Automated motivational messages to patients keep them engaged and lead to better health management.

Reminders and Push notifications


Private secure messaging platform for addressing specific needs of the patient.

Patient Satisfaction and Referrals for personalized interaction

The central theme of DocToDoor is patient interaction and care via a patient-centric platform. We want to empower you to better help your patients and help them improve their lives.

Star Rating


DocToDoor will automate the work for you, if patients aren’t following the Followup-Plan or if their health status is at high-risk, DocToDoor will inform you. With real-time information flow, DocToDoor will assess patient vitals data and feedback to determine high-risk patients. Intervene and treat before patient condition flares up.


EMR Integration for information accessibility

With our extensive experience in Digital Health, custom integration with your EMR to ensure seamless integration of information.



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